Fatima Ismail

Art Therapist

The canvas helped me to discover myself, and thanks to this personal Journey, I started to find it a way to help others and also to deal with their inner self. I am a Lebanese painter, street art performer, and a writer.

Through art, I was able to offer the people of our community a way to understand themselves, to see their reflection in a clear and simple way. Now I am with Just.Childhood offering my experience as an art therapist giving an opportunity for the children to see life through art, having a path of joy while healing from the circumstances that can come through life without a permission.

My path led me to work with women since 5 years and now after choosing to home-school my son, this journey crossed with the Emergency Pedagogy project at Just.Childhood. I am really grateful that now I have the possibility to collaborate with my colleagues and share my experience with our children. I believe that education can be beneficial for children if they are mentally healthy and able to express their emotions, finding their own way of learning with our help.

Working in Sabra and Karantina is giving me a chance to share the unconditional love with the children. In order to thrive, children need a safe place to be, play and learn. I found that at Just.Childhood.

Fatima Ismail | Just.Childhood